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Rollercoaster & The Same But 100 Times Better split (2009)

Когда-нибудь это должно было случится, и мы рады, что это сделали именно мы - Rollercoaster & The Same But 100 Times Better. Этот диск - первый за последние годы сплит-релиз на питерской инди-сцене. Мы вложили в него невероятно много сил, невероятно много эмоций и собственного энтузиазма. Нам помогли наши верные друзья и подруги. Частичку всех их вы услышите на альбоме и обязательно оцените наш труд. Как - решать вам, но одно вы должны знать абсолютно точно - для вас это делали честные и открытые люди.


Rollercoaster & The Same But 100 Times Better split (2009)

1.Ты среди нас /Rollercoaster/
2.The Wonders /The Same But 100 Times Better/
3.Zero /Rollercoaster/
4.Lights And Fears /The Same But 100 Times Better feat Evan(Rollercoaster)/
5.Пульс /Rollercoaster/
6.Purpur song /The Same But 100 Times Better/

tags: indie, post-hardcore, post-metal, instrumental, male vocal, experimental, post-rock.





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The Same But 100 Times Better - They Offer Me, But I Don't Want EP (2009)

THE SAME BUT 100 TIMES BETTER - Группа из Санкт-Петербурга, играющая инструментальную музыку, обращаясь в своём творчестве к самым разным жанрам и направлениям, среди которых: post-rock, sludge, indie и многие другие.
Просуществовав полгода, группа выпускает свой второй релиз, на этот раз на физическом носителе, презентация которого пройдет 2го мая в клубе PLACE. Альбом в mp3 формате вы можете скачать прямо сейчас.

They Offer Me, But I Don't Want EP (2009)

1. I Love You
2. It Turns Out a Proper Mess
3. Don't Loose the Game Sense
4. One Person Per a Ticket
5. Red-letter Day
6. Clinical Death

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Does anyone here know where I can get software for the PC for doing Mutation (cross-synthesis)? Something a bit simpler than C-sound. Any Kyma clone on the PC would be welcome. I am terribly interested in doing this and am not aware of any pedal (somthing physical) that does it.

Signed/Touring Band Seeks VIOLINIST

We are Kiss Kiss
We are signed to EYEBALL RECORDS
We are Distributed Through w/WARNER BROTHER RECORDS
We have 2 Booking Agents, And a 3 Month National Tour This Summer!
We have 1 CD in stores, 2nd to Follow Sept. 2006

Our songs are Catchy and asseceable but w/
Odd meter,
Eastern Scales and Modes,
Maticulous Arrangment.

We are looking for a Violinist Male/Female
Ages 20-28

Please feel Free to listen to our MP3's here:
If you are interested please email us here:

Thank you so much for your time.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Heart & Crosskeys
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If you came with a warning label, what would it be?

I wanna hear it.

I'm making a musical project called "WARNING" exploring this very question, using audio samples of you beautiful people telling me what yourwarning lable is.

So make recording (WAV, MP3, etc), don't be shy. Prove that Windows Sound Recorder is not totally useless!

Link submission here or email them warning@gorginzola.com.

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I just ran in to this group out of Dallas Texas, called Tree Wave. They use hacked atari's, a reprogrammed epson linefeed printer, and a compaq 286 to create lush soundscapes.