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Not to hail a barren sky. Sifting cloth is weeping red.
The mourning veil is waving high a field of stars and tears we've shed.
In the sky a broken flag, children wave and raise their arms.
We'll be gone but they'll go on and on and on and on and on.

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mirror mirror gigs

Just a quick announcement about our up and coming gigs (all of them in the UK)

Monday 19th July - playing outside gate b of the Farnborough Airshow in support of the Campaign Against the Armstrade - it is free and goes on all day !

Sunday 8th August - playing in the Bull and Gate, Kentish Town at 8:45pm. £4 with flyer - the flier should soon be downloadable on the website.

26th August - playing at the Walrus electro-acoustic club.
This will be an acoustic(ish) set, we are not sure when we are on after 8:30pm but the evening starts at 7:30pm. It will be a great atmosphere with loads of very high quality acoustic(ish) acts. £3.

Seeya there,

Jon ;-)

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Helpless - oingo boingo

*with creepy, sinical singing, accordion in the background with eery guitar*

Countless long nights while I stare at the wall
I ask myself over again
How did I end up in this little hell?
How did it ever begin?

Oh, whoa, whoa, helpless

Helpless to turn back the clock
That ticks on with its cruel shiny face
It laughs while it watches my every disgrace
I was born a sap, all the nurses laughed
When they saw me the first time
They giggled and said,
"This poor little monster'd be better off dead!"

Oh, whoa, whoa, helpless

Helplessly trapped in a body
I'm sure should have never been mine
I'll bet that my real one's doing just fine
And I don't belong here, I don't belong here
I should be quite rich, with a big shiny car
A house with twelve rooms, I deserve to go far

Oh, whoa, whoa, helpless

Helplessly falling in love
But does love really last through the night?
To love and to honor, to kick and to bite
And I don't belong here, I don't belong here
It's all a mistake, I was destined for greatness
A leader, a prophet, they're just too blind to notice

Where did this whle silly story begin?
It seems that my mind has gone blank
I think that I've messed up a chapter or two
Perhaps it is best if I'm frank

Oh, whoa, whoa, helpless

Helplessly lost like that poor chap who came for an innocent dance
He left with his brains smeared all over his pants
'Cause he didn't belong here, he didn't belong here
He never should have left that warm cage in the zoo
His face was so ugly, what else could I do!?
Can you really blame me, I had to smash it
He left me no choice, he was just like the others!
I just had to kill him, like my poor dear old mother

Oh, whoa, whoa

Helplessly fucked in the ass by a legion of forty ex-cons
That's what it feels like when you walk all over me
Don't belong here, I don't belong here
Your eyes burn right through me, they fill me with fear
I could have been home, watching football, 'n drinking beer

Oh, whoa, whoa
So helpless

they left the "c" out

so mah lady states that her friend's friend said that "outkast was engineered specifically to make flaming lips fans like black people."
this puzzles me, because *all* of today's popular rap and r&b is engineered specifically to be lame, ignorable and simple enough to be sold to the lowest common denominator.
and the idea that outkast appeals only to people who enjoy innovative melodies and interesting lyrics...yeah, that really didn't offend me at all.


what is love and what is hate?
And why does it matter? - is to love just a waste?

I was waiting on a moment
But the moment never came
All the billion other moments
We're just slipping all away
I was wanting you to love me
But your love it never came
All the other love around me
Was just wasting all away